I'm not sure if I got my invite, what did it look like?
Well, now it's too late, by a long shot. Sorry. No more invites. If you missed it, than I'm really sorry, because it was a blast.
What should we wear?
Just remember this is a wedding and it is on a beach.    Heather and Dave do want you to be comfortable though,  so wear something that you are comfortable in,  but looks nice and you won't be embarrassed wearing when you are caught in pictures.

That being said, what are we, your mothers?    Wear what you want.

But common sense tells us, the beach can get cool in the evening, though with all of the dancing you might get hot. Bring a sweater, wear layers.

What happens if it rains?
In the case of rain the event is still planned to take place.    There will be a tent set up and there is also a big glass pavilion on site so backup plans are in place.    Yeah, it might not be ideal, but hey nothing is going to stop this couple from tying the knot.
Is there carpooling or can anyone give me a ride from the train station?
Sure.   Carpooling is a great idea and enough people are driving and are nice that somebody should be able to pick you up from the train station.

Try posting in the BLOG to arrange something with others.   To get in contact with someone, just e-mail us and we can pass contact info to both parties.

What's your address?
Our address was on the response envelope.  Surprisingly, we are M*&@^#%-R(*#&$^ Event Planning.
Where are you registered?
We were, but now our regestry is gone (I think).
Who's in the wedding party?
We have to leave some surprises for the actual wedding day.
How was the question popped?
Interesting story.


I'm carpooling with somebody, do I need my parking voucher?
No. Only one parking voucher is necessary per car.
What if I lost my parking voucher?
You lost your parking voucher... that's too bad.  Just kidding!

Click here and print out a new one